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Aluminum Extrusion Alloy Specifications


Alloy availability

Specialty Alloys1


Use our Alloy Selection Design Guide to find the best Aluminum Alloy for your extrusion needs.

Common Uses2

6005/6105 – Building & Construction, Consumer Durables, Fixtures and Framing, Marine, Display, Signage & Advertising, Ladders and Platforms. These alloys are typically used where finishing and strength may be required.

6061 – Building & Construction, Aerospace/Defense, Structural Membranes, Enclosures, Screw Machine, Manifolds, Heat Sinks, Truck Trailer, Automotive, Distribution, Marine, Welded and Fabricated Parts, Fencing, Scaffolding & Tent Poles, Highway Signage

6063 – Signage, Display & Advertising, Consumer Durable, Filter Framing, Solar, Door & Window, Security Screens, Levels and Rulers, Electronic Cabinetry, Fencing, Lighting Fixtures, Electrical Components and Conduit, Hinges, Flooring & Decking. This alloy is typically used where finishing may be required.

6463 – Shower Enclosures, Picture Framing, Automotive Trim, Display & Advertising



1Specialty alloys available based on 20000LB min billet purchase
2Common uses are for reference only. Consult your qualified engineer before specifying alloys. Tri-State Aluminum offers no warranty of suitability for a particular end use.


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