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Standard Aluminum Extrusion Shapes & Profiles

We have available a wide variety of custom and standard shaped extrusions. Our standard aluminum extrusions shapes die inventory provides customers with the convenience of time and savings. Our aluminum extrusion profile catalog features standard extrusions which includes rod, bar, angles, channel, beams, tees, Hex, Z-bar, pipe, tube and a variety of store front and flush glaze systems and accessories. *Please keep in mind that we do not store inventory of these standard extrusion shapes and aluminum extrusion profiles, and we require a minimum order of 1000lbs per shapes to produce*

Our catalog specification tables are under construction. Please contact us for information about standard aluminum extrusions shapes.

Rectangular Bar
Square-Hexagonal Bar
Round Rod

Angles Sharp Corners
Angles Rounded Corners
Channels Sharp Corners

Channels Rounded Corners

Tees Sharp & Rounded Corners

Zee Bar

Round Tube

IPS Pipe Round

Serrated Tube

Rectangular Tube

Rectangular Tube Round Corners

I Beams Rounded Angle
Sharp Corners

I Beams Rounded Angle
Rounded Corners

I Beams Tapered Walls


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