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  1. Guide to Anodized Aluminum

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    Metal sometimes needs additional layers of protection to enhance resistances to chemicals, moisture, and abrasion. There are multiple different treatments that can provide protection, each best for different metals, environments, applications, and budgets. Options include processes like metal plating, powder coating, hardening, and anodizing.

  2. Aluminum Extrusions Guide

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    Aluminum extrusion is a manufacturing process in which aluminum is forced through a shaped opening in a die. Once the target material emerges from the die, it takes the die’s shape.

    This technique allows manufacturers to transform aluminum alloy into customer-specified objects with clear cross-sectional profiles. Manufacturers use both direct and indirect extrusion methods to produce aluminum and aluminum alloy objects.

    Aluminum’s unique physical properties enable it to bring several advantages to the extrusion process. Aluminum is a highly malleable and versatile metal, which mean that it can be easily machined and cast. Additionally, aluminum has about one third of steel’s rigidity and density, enabling it to offer a balanced combination of manufacturing flexibility and strength. Alloys with other metals can reinforce or enhance specific characteristics.