Tri-State Aluminum has more than 40 years of experience as a full-service supplier of custom finished aluminum extrusions and fabrications. Our production capabilities run the gamut from engineering design guidance to extrusion, cutting, fabricating, finishing, and packaging.

When other elements, such as copper, magnesium, iron, silicon, manganese, and zinc, are added to pure aluminum, it creates an aluminum alloy. The process requires up to 15% of the other element to be thoroughly incorporated into hot, liquid aluminum. The purpose of introducing other elements allows the aluminum to take on additional qualities, primarily for added strength.

Types of Extruded Aluminum Alloys

Types of Extruded Aluminum AlloysAt Tri-State Aluminum, we work primarily with four of the many grades of aluminum alloys: 6063, 6463, 6005, and 6061.

Aluminum Alloy 6063

The most economical and widely used, 6063 has superior extrudability. With very good corrosion resistance and finishing response, it also is readily welded, machined, and formed. Examples of the many applications that utilize 6063 aluminum alloy include:

  • Heat sinks
  • Window and door frames
  • Electrical tubing
  • Irrigation system pipe and tube
  • Handrails and furniture
  • Architecture and construction products

Aluminum Alloy 6463

Aluminum alloy 6463 can only be formed using aluminum extrusion. Since 6463 is roughly 98% raw aluminum, heat-treating increases the strength of the aluminum while lowering the ductility. It can be polished to a mirror-like finish and is primarily used for decorative trim in architectural applications in the form of bars, tubes, rods, wire, and other custom shapes.

Aluminum Alloy 6005

When high corrosion resistance and moderate strength is required, 6005 aluminum alloy is indicated. It has excellent extrudability and is very bendable, excluding it from applications where heavy loads are possible. It can be easily formed, machined, and welded. A few of the applications for 6005 aluminum alloy are:

  • Ladders
  • Automotive applications
  • Seamless and structural tubing
  • Handrails

Aluminum Alloy 6061

This alloy is the second most popular extrusion behind 6063. It has superb strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability. It has good formability and weldability, but does not respond well to finishing. For that reason, it is typically used in transportation and structural applications.

Key Considerations

Understanding how your product will be used is the most useful guide for ranking the characteristics of aluminum alloys to find the one that most closely fits your needs. When choosing the aluminum extrusion for your application, several key factors are considered:

  • Corrosion resistance: Will the finished product be subject to the elements?
  • Heat treatment: Will your application require significant strength for high loads?
  • Density: Does the final product need to be lightweight and easy to shape?
  • Strength: Does your product have a complex shape but also need to be designed to withstand stress?
  • Aesthetics: Will the product be used for decorative purposes?

Quality Fabricated Aluminum Products in New Jersey

When you need a full-service supplier of extruded aluminum alloys, Tri-State Aluminum has the capabilities to save you time and money. Our services include design, extrusion, cutting, fabrication, finishing, packing, labeling, and shipping. For custom extruded aluminum, your concept is realized with our capable engineering and manufacturing team, but it remains yours.

We look forward to partnering with you on your next project. Whether you need standard aluminum extrusions or custom ones, we can provide it. Contact us today for more information. Alternatively, you can submit an online request for quote.

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