Aluminum Extrusions for Cleanrooms

Tri-State Aluminum specializes in producing custom aluminum extrusions for cleanrooms and air filtration systems. We tailor our 6063 aluminum extrusions to meet your exact needs and specifications.

We can assist with design, extrusion, cutting, fabrication and finishing of 6063 aluminum extrusions for cleanrooms making us a full-service provider of custom extrusions throughout the United States.

Cleanrooms Using Aluminum Extrusions

A cleanroom is a controlled environment where special care is taken to reduce particulate contamination and control the room temperature, pressure and humidity. Pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors must all be kept at low levels. Cleanrooms are used in the aerospace, biotech, medical device, military, optical, pharmaceutical, nanotechnology and semiconductor industries.

Custom aluminum extrusions are useful in a wide variety of cleanroom applications.

  • Aluminum connecting posts to conceal wiring
  • Aluminum frames pass-thru
  • Aluminum scrub wall
  • Ceiling grids and panelscleanroom with aluminum extrusions
  • Extruded aluminum frame and gasket
  • Wall and ceiling coves
  • Wall panel frames
  • Containment ceiling panels
  • Vertical panels
  • Containment walls
  • Doors

These components work together to allow for easy cleaning which is crucial to maintain cleanroom standards. Using extruded aluminum makes cleanrooms strong, durable and easily modifiable.

Aluminum extrusions are also commonly used for air filtration components.

  • Fixed bar air filter grill
  • Return air filter grill
  • HEPA filter frame

Aluminum 6063 for Cleanrooms

Aluminum 6063 – known as a moderate strength aluminum – is one of the most commonly used aluminum grades around the world and is the metal of choice for cleanrooms. This alloy contains 1 percent magnesium and .6 percent silicon giving it strength and a lower melting temperature. 6063 aluminum is the best choice for applications requiring a lot of machining and welding as it is highly resistant to stress and cracking. Its corrosion resistance and moderate strength make it desirable across a wide variety of applications. It also has good formability and weldability. 6063 is a great choice for cleanroom and air filtration components.

The characteristics of aluminum 6063 include:

  • Medium to high strength
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good machinability

Cleanrooms with Tri-State Aluminum

At Tri-State Aluminum, our experienced craftsmen can often manufacture custom 6063 aluminum extruded products to tolerances tighter than Aluminum Association standards. Each piece undergoes rigorous quality control inspections to ensure compliance with all cleanroom standards and specifications.

With 30 years of experience, Tri-State Aluminum not only has knowledgeable craftsmen, but a range of advanced and state-of-the-art aluminum extrusion equipment capable of handling billets up to 18 inches in diameter. Final extruded component lengths vary from 8 feet to 50 feet depending on the required surface finish. Lengths shorter than 96” are also available but would go to secondary cutting.

Contact us today to learn how our custom aluminum extrusions can help you build a functional cleanroom.