As the electric vehicle industry innovates, structures and technologies develop to meet its needs. With a diverse product mix, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and efficient shipping, Tri-State Aluminum is a leading supplier of extrusions for use in the EV industry. We offer aluminum extrusions for electric vehicle charging stations, battery enclosures, and other applications.

E-Charging Stations

Aluminum extrusions are a popular solution for constructing electric vehicle charging stations. Aluminum alloys are strong, lightweight, durable, and cost-efficient. While there are many ways to incorporate extrusions into e-charging station designs, they’re commonly used in a few key ways:

  • Individual charging stations
  • Fast chargers
  • Support feet
  • Exterior shells

Aluminum’s workability makes it an ideal material for us for building EV charging stations. Extrusions can be welded, bent, and cut into virtually any desired shape. They form primary components, housing, and support pieces that keep your equipment safe, durable, and accessible. Aluminum alloys also have a distinctive and appealing visual aesthetic, which can contribute positively to the user experience.

Battery Enclosures

Aluminum extrusions for electric vehicle battery enclosures are also popular. On average, aluminum EV battery enclosures are up to 50% lighter than comparable steel enclosures. Aluminum alloys also have excellent strength-to-weight ratios, which helps protect the battery yet avoids adding extra weight to the vehicle itself. These alloys have high thermal conductivity, allowing an enclosure to shift excess heat away from the battery to help keep it cooler.

Designed for Your Needs

Tri-State Aluminum fabricates extrusions from 6005 aluminum for electric vehicle applications. Aluminum alloy 6005 is a high strength metal with exceptional corrosion resistance, bendability and offers a superior quality finish than other structural alloys. Additionally, heat-treating 6005 aluminum enhances its strength and durability.

Besides our standard extrusion products, we also produce custom extrusions. We can create dies according to your design concept and specifications. This allows us to modify our existing extrusion shapes or create new ones. In addition to extruding, fabricating, and cutting, we can also anodize, paint, and custom cut-to-length to meet your application requirements.

Aluminum Extrusions for EV Applications

Tri-State Aluminum manufactures extrusions in an extensive range of sizes, shapes, and alloy types. For over 30 years, we’ve provided standard and custom-crafted solutions for small businesses, medium-sized firms, and large multinational corporations. We’d love to discuss how our aluminum extrusions for electric vehicle charging stations can meet your needs. To get started, contact us or request a quote now.