Aluminum is an excellent and durable material for outdoor elements. Aluminum extrusions for outdoor enclosures are corrosion-resistant and stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. As a manufacturer of outdoor structures, you want an aluminum supplier that can meet your demands and custom extrusion needs.

Tri-State Aluminum is a leading manufacturer of custom and standard aluminum extrusions, specializing in 6000 series aluminum alloys. We have decades of experience serving multiple architectural, transportation, industrial, and recreational industry businesses, building a reputation for quality and expertise.

Benefits of Aluminum Extrusions for Outdoor Structures

The aluminum extrusion process allows for the creation of complex profiles that are otherwise impossible with traditional shaping and rolling methods. We have over 2,000 dies for standard shapes, but we can also create custom options depending on your design requirements.

Besides the customizability of the process, aluminum offers several benefits as a construction material:

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Sustainability
  • Versatility

The alloy is ideal for outdoor structures because it is resistant to rust and corrosion. You can use it to create pergolas, patio covers, carports, and pool enclosures.

What Type of Aluminum Do We Offer for Outdoor Enclosures?

We offer several types of 6000 series aluminum that are ideal for aluminum extrusions for outdoor enclosures. The best options include:

  • 6063
  • 6005A
  • 6105
  • 6061

The right aluminum alloy for your project depends on the structure and its requirements. Our team can help determine the most suitable option for your design.

Advantages of Working With Our Team

When you work with Tri-State Aluminum, you get the full-service treatment. We work with you from the initial design concept to the fabrication and finishing of the extrusions. Our fabrication services don’t end with extrusions; we also provide cutting, machining, and welding services. We want you to leave our shop knowing your project is in good hands.

In addition, working with us means keeping your costs down. With our extensive library of existing dies and our experience, we know how to make the most of a tight budget. As a manufacturer of aluminum parts, we strive to get you the extrusions you need while working within your budgetary restraints.

Tri-State Aluminum for Aluminum Extrusions for Outdoor Enclosures

Aluminum extrusions for outdoor enclosures are excellent options because of their durability and strength. Tri-State Aluminum is an experienced supplier, and we are ready to take your order. Contact us to learn more.