When sourcing materials for construction, you must strike a balance between superior quality and cost consciousness. At Tri-State Aluminum, we can help you accomplish both goals. As a premier producer of standard and custom aluminum extrusions for building projects, we provide world-class components to meet your structural and architectural requirements.

Benefits of 6061 Aluminum

At Tri-State Aluminum, we thoughtfully source materials that best suit each product’s design and construction. We manufacture extrusions using 6061 aluminum for building applications. Grade 6061 aluminum, also known as structural aluminum, includes alloying elements that contribute several core advantages:

  • Magnesium, which increases its strength
  • Silicon, lowering its melting temperature
  • Copper, which further strengthens the alloy
  • Chromium, improving corrosion resistance

Several characteristics of 6061 aluminum make it a preferred choice for construction projects. Chromium allows the metal to form a protective oxide layer, which acts as a barrier to help prevent corrosion. 6061 also exhibits an excellent strength to weight ratio. It has only one-third the density of steel, potentially reducing overall structural loads. Its ease of workability makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring significant welding and machining.

Our Aluminum Extrusions

The extrusion process involves pushing an alloy through a pre-formed die, resulting in a specific cross-sectional shape. Aluminum extrusions for construction come in several designs:

  • Channels
  • Beams
  • Angles
  • Rods and tubing
  • Standard bars, T-bars, and Z-bars

These are just some of the standard shapes we extrude at Tri-State Aluminum. We offer an extensive extrusion selection in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. With more than 2,000 standard dies in our production setup, we can quickly produce extrusions in the shapes and dimensions you need.

Custom Extrusion Designs

Besides our standard profiles, we also extrude custom aluminum shapes. From your initial concept to finished product delivery, we work with you to meet your specifications. Using your CAD files, die drawings, samples, or other information, we create a custom die for your product. While most standard tolerances apply, we have the ability to meet tighter tolerances on a per quote basis. Like our standard profiles, your custom extrusions undergo strict quality control inspections before they ship.

Your One-Stop Shop for Aluminum Extrusions

Tri-State Aluminum is a full-service aluminum extrusion company providing high-quality products for more than 30 years. We’re a single-source supplier of 6061 aluminum extrusions, specializing in all stages of the manufacturing process from start to finish such as: extruding, fabrication, cutting, anodizing, painting, and packaging. Request a quote or contact us today to learn more about aluminum extrusions for building projects.