Tri-State Aluminum has over 30 years of experience with custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication. We provide high-quality, custom-fabricated aluminum extrusions for interior glass walls.

Aluminum Extrusions for Interior Glass Walls

Our team at Tri-State Aluminum can design and fabricate virtually any shape of 6005A aluminum extrusions for glass walls. Our extrusion process includes heating the aluminum and forcing it through a die. We then rapidly cool and stretch it, and cut it into appropriate working lengths. This allows up to create any profile and shape you need for your glass walls. No matter what type of project you have planned, we will work with you to take your project from ideation to installation.


Our aluminum extrusions for glass walls are ideal for multiple interior applications. They serve as glazing on delicate clear and stained glass features, offering protection from expansion and contraction movements and general shifting. You can use our aluminum extrusions to support:

  • Interior glass panels
  • Stained glass interior walls
  • Architectural wall panel systems


Aluminum possesses excellent qualities for interior construction. It is light, durable, corrosion-resistant, and environmentally friendly. Products made from it, such as our 6063 aluminum extrusions for glass walls, offer exceptional strength in a lightweight material.

Choosing the correct type of aluminum is an important step in designing custom aluminum extrusions. We can make interior aluminum extrusions for glass walls from the following materials:

  • 6063 aluminum
  • 6005A aluminum
  • Other 6000 series aluminum

Design Your Custom Aluminum Extrusions

At Tri-State Aluminum, we take pride in providing our customers with superior quality, long-lasting products. Contact us to learn more about our custom aluminum extrusions for interior glass walls.