Aluminum extruders have been pre-finishing extrusions for many years. The practice has evolved into an art that in many instances has replaced outside finishers entirely. Advances in color fastness and development have allowed extruders to offer more single source responsibility thereby saving both time and money in processing, handling and shipping.

  • Fluropolymers – For variety and durability and there is no better way to finish your custom extrusion than by applying a fluropolymer resin coating from one of the worlds most famous manufacturer of paints. These “high performance” paints offer beauty and protection in the harshest of conditions. Typical end uses include: curtain wall, louver, window & door and other exterior applications. Color matching services are available at no additional cost or choose from literally “hundreds” of formulations that are computerized to provide uniformity and convenience.
  • Acrylics – If variety, durability and price are your objective we offer the same colors and services in environmentally acceptable acrylic enamels. These paints have been universally accepted for almost 30 years and are the “workhorses” of the coatings world. Typical end uses include: signage, transportation, picture frame, awnings, point-of-purchase display, etc.
  • Capabilities – Five-stage pre-treat system, electrostatic vertical disk spray booth, state-of-the art ovens that cure immediately for durability. We require only a 500lb minimum to paint per line item. Most paints are available in metallic formulations also.
    Our length capacity is 25′.

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