Tri-State Aluminum offers turn-key aluminum extrusion services. We can produce, fabricate, and finish standard and custom extrusions for your projects. We are a full-service company that can handle everything you need, from cutting to packing and shipping.

We carry 6000-series aluminum suitable for various applications, including aluminum extrusions for signage. Our capabilities allow us to assist your design team in creating signs with a presence that is secure and durable.

Benefits of Aluminum Extrusions for Signage

Aluminum is a versatile and capable material. It is durable without anodization, but the process improves its strength and corrosion resistance. Also, the material is more cost-effective than other metals and has several finishing options, including paint. Finally, the metal is easy to shape and form, making the extrusion process more accessible and approachable, saving money and time.

Aluminum extrusions for signage are excellent options because of their affordability, speed of process, and low weight. Because aluminum is quite malleable, the extrusion process is quick, saving money in the fabrication process. The lightweight nature of the material means it costs less to ship and is more practical to mount to structures.

Finally, aluminum alloys allow for flexibility of design. Most shapes, including contours, are achievable with aluminum, making it an ideal option for signage and framing.

Suitable Applications for Our 6000-Series Aluminum Extrusions

When it comes to our products, we recommend 6063 and 6005 aluminum extrusions for signage. 6061 is a high-strength option that is suitable for most architectural applications, including signage.

6063 is not as durable as the other alloy options, although it still maintains a credible moderate to high strength rating. The product is better suited to finishing characteristics, which may be more in line with your signage needs. Consult a member of our sales team to learn more about our alloys and extrusion capabilities and which would be best for your needs.

Custom Extrusions for Unique Designs

When creating signage, many businesses want unique designs that include interesting shapes and profiles. We can offer custom profiles and shapes and can do up to 16’’  circle size.

Tri-State Aluminum for Aluminum Extrusions

Are you ready to brand your location with a sturdy and durable sign? Aluminum extrusions for signage can help your logo or sign stand out. We offer various extrusion options, including frame shapes, colors, and finishes. Contact us to discuss our alloys, uses, and signage options.