At Tri-State Aluminum, we’re a leading provider of aluminum extrusions for heating supplies, air filter frames, and filter bank systems.

Why Are Filter Frames Important?

For commercial and industrial businesses, indoor air quality has a significant impact on operations:

  • Increases employee comfort and supports respiratory health
  • Boosts productivity
  • Protects equipment
  • Minimizes process contamination
  • Reduces maintenance costs

To achieve these benefits, HVAC filtration needs to adapt to your company’s unique circumstances, from the building’s total size to the layout of your operations. That’s why custom filter frames for HVAC systems are so effective.

Industrial Applications

Choosing aluminum extrusions for air supplies can benefit many different industries, including automotive, aerospace, dry goods manufacturing, food processing, and retail. IAQ and HEPA filtration are especially important for laboratories, cleanrooms, and hospitals.

What Types of HVAC Systems Are Compatible With Aluminum Extrusions for Heating Supplies?

Our high-quality aluminum extrusions for heating air supplies support:

  • Rooftop AHUs
  • Make-up air units
  • Split HVACs
  • Custom and semi-custom AHUs
  • Conventional commercial HVACs and ducts
  • Electrostatic reusable filters

Air filter frames give you unparalleled control over filtration for your facility, including single filters, filter banks, and V-filter layouts. For example, you can upgrade AHUs with secondary filters to improve performance.

Why Choose 6063 Aluminum for HVAC Filter Frames?

We work with many aluminum alloys for industrial products, but we usually recommend 6063 aluminum extrusions for heating supplies. This alloy provides an ideal balance of moisture and corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, strength, and durability for HVAC, and it’s cost-effective.

Find the Right Fit Right Away

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