Tri-State Aluminum is a premier supplier of aluminum extrusions for RVs.  We offer aluminum extrusions for RV parts from 6063, 6105, 6005A, and 6061 aluminum alloy. No matter your RV needs, we will work with you to bring your design concepts to fruition.

Aluminum Extrusions for Recreational Vehicles

Tri-State Aluminum extrudes standard and custom aluminum RV trim. Our team can manufacture a wide range of extruded aluminum parts for RVs, including the following:

  • Awning components
  • Door frames
  • Drip gutter
  • Roof edge and inserts
  • Rub rail
  • Square and rectangular tubing

We design and manufacture components based on your specifications when you place an order. Our additional fabrication processes include assembly, drill and tap, CNC machining, stamping, radius bending, and turning.

Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities

Our team at Tri-State Aluminum manufactures aluminum extrusions in angles, bars, channels, tees, tubes, and more. We can provide any custom shape that fits within the following production capabilities:

  • Up to 18-inch circle size
  • Up to 50 feet lengths in mill finish
  • Up to 25 feet lengths in anodized finish
  • Up to 24 feet 5 inches in length in painted finishes

Our more than 2,000 standard extrusion dies provide a competitive advantage over other manufacturers. We produce extrusions to tolerances within +/-0.002 inches. and can produce tighter tolerances where necessary. We extrude to Aluminum Association Tolerances.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Extrusions for RVs

Aluminum extrusions are ideal for RV use because they are lightweight and durable. Since every pound matters in an RV, this is a huge advantage over other materials.  It also provides a cost-effective solution for many parts. Additionally, the extrusion process offers a simple way to create consistently high-quality parts.

Our finishing options include anodizing and painting, which we can often complete in house. This allows us to customize components to match RV finishes while keeping costs down and production times in check.

The Tri-State Aluminum Advantage

Tri-State Aluminum offers turnkey products in a wide range of aluminum alloys, including 6063, 6105, 6005A, and 6061. We have low minimums for orders and provide shipping throughout the U.S. from our convenient New Jersey location.

We perform most aluminum finishing in-house, which keeps production costs low. We can then pass those savings on to our customers.

Explore Aluminum Extrusions for RV Parts

The Tri-State Aluminum team has over 40 years of experience extruding aluminum. We manufacture standard and custom aluminum extrusions for RVs to meet your specifications. Contact us to learn more.