Secure and protect wiring and lighting with dependable aluminum extrusions. From residential lighting upgrades to new commercial construction projects, aluminum extrusions for lighting applications provide durable, rust-free housings, channels, and mounting points. Discover how 6063 aluminum and other 6000-series aluminum extrusions can help you accomplish your lighting project.

Aluminum Extrusions for Lighting Applications

Lighting, particularly LED lighting, requires channels to house wires, mounting brackets, and other components for safe and efficient installation. While many materials can perform these applications, 6063 aluminum is a competitive option thanks to its durability, lightweight design, and ease of extrusion. Aluminum extrusions for wiring applications can be custom-made in straight, U-shaped, and L-shaped forms for the following solutions:

  • Raceway tracks
  • Outlet cover blanks
  • Wire housings
  • LED light channels
  • Mounted tracks

In residential situations, aluminum extrusions can be used to mount under-cabinet lighting and exterior cove lighting. Commercial facilities can use this durable material to install raceways and protect wiring in indoor and outdoor areas. The popular 6063 aluminum alloy can be extruded, anodized, and painted to create a professional finish and a long-lasting design.

Advantages of Using 6063 Aluminum Extrusions for Lighting and Wiring

Before choosing aluminum extrusions for lighting applications and wiring needs, it’s important to compare aluminum with other material options. Choosing 6063 aluminum extrusions for lighting and wiring offers the following benefits:

  • Custom shapes: Thanks to its ability to be easily extruded, this aluminum alloy can be delivered in a wide range of standard and custom shapes.
  • Anodized for your protection: Choose anodized aluminum for decreased conductivity, which creates a safer wiring channel.
  • Durable alloy: Compared to plastic or other material options, 6063 aluminum is very durable while still remaining reasonably lightweight.
  • Corrosion-resistant material: 6063 aluminum alloy is popular for use in outdoor applications, thanks to its corrosion resistance.

While 6063 aluminum is a competitive option, work with an aluminum extrusion specialist to determine the best alloy for your wiring and lighting needs. Some other 6000-series alloys may offer greater levels of protection, reduced cost, or improved durability for your particular project.

Explore Turnkey Products and Alloy Options With Tri-State Aluminum

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