Tri-State Aluminum is a full-service aluminum extrusion company that can handle all your production, fabricating, and finishing needs for architectural aluminum extrusions. We handle every aspect of the job, from the initial cuts to packing and shipping, helping to reduce handling and carrying costs and expediting the time to the market.

Our 6000 series aluminum is ideal for architectural and finishing applications. Discover the benefits of aluminum extrusions for architecture and how our 6063 and 6005 aluminum extrusions are effective solutions for your project’s demands.

Aluminum Extrusions for Architectural Applications

Aluminum is a highly effective and affordable option for architectural applications. It is lightweight, malleable, and environmentally friendly. The most significant aspect of aluminum, and the reason it is so valuable to architectural projects, is its weight-to-strength ratio. Without aluminum, it would be nearly impossible to have the large spans of glass typical in skyscraper construction.

The material is also durable. It is fire-resistant, weather-resistant, and has anti-corrosion properties. The material’s strengths are emphasized in the anodizing process, an electrochemical process that provides a tough, corrosion-resistant finish. The durability of architectural aluminum extrusions also contributes to their beauty. The material is sleek, and with unique treatments, it can take on various colors and glosses.

Finally, the material is formable. Architects and designers can create any shape, angle, and layout. Our team of aluminum fabricators can help form custom extrusions to fit any architectural application.

Our 6000 Series Aluminum

We carry a variety of aluminum alloys for various projects. That said, our 6000 series aluminum is well-suited to the demands of architectural applications, specifically our 6063 architectural aluminum extrusions and our 6005 architectural aluminum extrusions.

Our 6063 product is the staple of our 6000 series. It is well-suited for various architectural applications, including those that demand high strength and resiliency.

Our 6005 product is more appropriate for finishing. Nevertheless, it maintains a credible moderate-to-high strength rating, so it is still applicable to various architectural uses. Consult one of our sales team members to learn more about the 6000 series and which extrusions are best for your project requirements.

Architectural Aluminum Extrusions

Tri-State Aluminum produces turn-key products, including aluminum extrusions. We can create custom shapes with a variety of alloy options. Our service requires low minimums and can provide value-added services, such as painting and anodizing. We are proud to have a team of qualified representatives who can walk you through our offerings on architectural aluminum extrusions. Contact us to discuss your next project and learn more about our process and service.