Most consumers make purchasing decisions based on what they see and feel — not data. To make the sale, your products need to look amazing, which is why eye-catching display cases are vital. At Tri-State Aluminum, we design and fabricate high-quality aluminum extrusions for display cases.

Why Choose Aluminum Extrusions for Display Cases?

The metal you choose for display cases is a detail you shouldn’t overlook. Aluminum alloys offer incredible performance.

Sleek and Stylish

Aluminum is attractive and versatile — fitting any store’s decor. Its smooth finish enhances the stars of the show: your products.

Lightweight and Strong

For a retail display case, aluminum extrusions are hard to beat. Their lightweight construction makes repositioning or customizing displays a breeze. At the same time, they’re durable enough to take a beating from shopping carts.


Refrigerated display cases are on the rise in hotels, coffee shops, retail stores, gas stations, and other industries. Aluminum alloys are an ideal choice. They resist moisture and don’t rust.


As theft becomes more prevalent in stores, heavy-duty displays are necessary for many products. It’s easy to install locking fixtures in aluminum extrusions for display cases.

Which Alloy Is Best for Retail Display Case Aluminum Extrusions?

At Tri-State Aluminum, we work with many aluminum alloy grades for commercial products, including:

  • 6463: High-end mirror-like finish
  • 6061: Maximum strength, corrosion resistance, and security
  • 6063: Ideal balance of affordability, finish, and strength

We usually recommend 6063 aluminum extrusions for display cases because this alloy responds well to machining, welding, and customization. Most importantly, it is the ideal choice if you will be anodizing or painting, which are both finishing services Tri-State can provide.

What Are Your Display Case Specifications?

In addition to our range of common sizes, we can follow your custom specifications. Invest in high-quality aluminum extrusions for display cases and make your products unforgettable. Contact us to get started!