When you want to build a sturdy pool or stable decking, what material or alloy first comes to mind? If it is not aluminum, then think again. Aluminum extrusions for pools are durable and strong, excellent options for everything from structural framing to coping.

Tri-State Aluminum is a leading manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions in North America. We specialize in 6000 series aluminum and take pride in offering clients comprehensive aluminum extrusion, fabrication, and finishing services. If you have a new project that requires our expertise, contact us to discuss it.

How Can You Use Aluminum Extrusions for Pools?

You can use aluminum extrusions for pool decking, structural support, top rails, bottom rails, framing, coping, and fencing. Extrusions provide durable support to above-ground pool walls. We can design interlocking extrusions to give the pool shape and stability.

Aluminum is weather- and corrosion-resistant, so it is an excellent option for decking supports. You don’t have to worry about insect damage or rot. Depending on the alloy type, extrusions also provide superior structural support.

We recommend using 6061 aluminum for structural components because of its strength and weldability. We also offer several other alloys for pool extrusions, depending on your project requirements:

  • 6063
  • 6005A
  • 6105

Why Use Aluminum Extrusions for Pools?

There are many reasons to use extruded aluminum pool decking equipment and pool elements, but the primary advantages are durability, corrosion resistance, customization, and cost. Aluminum is unique in its excellent strength-to-weight ratio compared to other metals. Aluminum extrusions can support the weight of the pool water or swimmers without being overly bulky.

The material has a natural oxide layer that acts as a barrier to rust and corrosion. This means you get a longer lifespan from aluminum than other metals, contributing to cost savings.

Our extrusion process allows for customization and design flexibility. We can create different shapes or profiles using our library or over 2,000 dies. We can also create custom profiles depending on your project.

Furthermore, its lighter weight helps reduce transportation and manufacturing costs. Because of its abundance and weight, aluminum tends to be cheaper than other materials. Still, the price fluctuates depending on the specific alloy.

Why Work With Tri-State Aluminum?

Tri-State Aluminum has several decades of experience in the aluminum manufacturing industry. We offer turkey products and a wide range of alloy options for aluminum extrusions for pools. Contact our team to learn more.