Tri-State Aluminum specializes in manufacturing custom aluminum angle extrusions with sharp corners. These aluminum angle extrusions are used in a variety of industries, from automotive to lighting. Tri-State Aluminum is your go to manufacturer for aluminum extrusions, and we proudly provide a single source for all of your sharp corner extrusions products. Contact us today to learn more about aluminum angle extrusions with sharp corners!

Angles Sharp Corners – Equal Legs

Angles Sharp Corners - Equal Legs

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ABWT/FTRequest for Quote
0.5000.0400.047Request a Quote
0.5000.0500.058Request a Quote
0.5000.0620.070Request a Quote
0.5000.0940.102Request a Quote
0.5000.1250.131Request a Quote
0.6250.0620.088Request a Quote
0.6250.1250.168Request a Quote
0.6250.1870.239Request a Quote
0.7500.0500.086Request a Quote
0.7500.0620.107Request a Quote
0.7500.0940.158Request a Quote
0.7500.1250.206Request a Quote
0.7500.1880.295Request a Quote
0.8750.1090.215Request a Quote
0.8750.1250.244Request a Quote
0.8750.1880.353Request a Quote
0.9380.0450.100Request a Quote
0.9380.0620.134Request a Quote
1.0000.0500.118Request a Quote
1.0000.0620.145Request a Quote
1.0000.0930.212Request a Quote
1.0000.1250.281Request a Quote
1.0000.1880.409Request a Quote
1.0000.2500.524Request a Quote
1.1250.1250.319Request a Quote
1.1250.1870.463Request a Quote
1.2500.0620.181Request a Quote
1.2500.0930.269Request a Quote
1.2500.1250.356Request a Quote
1.2500.1880.519Request a Quote
1.2500.2500.674Request a Quote
1.5000.0620.218Request a Quote
1.5000.1090.378Request a Quote
1.5000.1250.431Request a Quote
1.5000.1400.466Request a Quote
1.5000.1880.633Request a Quote
1.5000.2500.824Request a Quote
1.7500.1000.408Request a Quote
1.7500.1250.506Request a Quote
1.7500.1880.747Request a Quote
1.8750.1020.447Request a Quote
2.0000.0620.293Request a Quote
2.0000.0880.413Request a Quote
2.0000.0940.440Request a Quote
2.0000.1250.581Request a Quote
2.0000.1880.857Request a Quote
2.0000.2501.124Request a Quote
2.0000.3751.631Request a Quote
2.2500.1250.655Request a Quote
2.2500.2501.249Request a Quote
2.3750.2501.323Request a Quote
2.5000.1250.731Request a Quote
2.5000.1881.082Request a Quote
2.5000.2501.424Request a Quote
3.0000.1250.881Request a Quote
3.0000.1881.308Request a Quote
3.0000.2501.725Request a Quote
3.0000.5003.300Request a Quote
3.5000.1251.031Request a Quote
3.5000.3752.982Request a Quote
4.0000.1251.181Request a Quote
4.0000.2502.326Request a Quote

Angles Sharp Corners – UnEqual Legs

Angles Sharp Corners - UnEqual Legs

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ABCWT/FTRequest for Quote
0.2500.3750.1250.076Request a Quote
0.2500.5000.0620.052Request a Quote
0.2500.7500.1250.131Request a Quote
0.3120.3750.0620.047Request a Quote
0.3440.7500.1250.145Request a Quote
0.3750.5000.0620.060Request a Quote
0.3750.6250.1250.131Request a Quote
0.3750.7500.0940.116Request a Quote
0.3751.0000.0940.144Request a Quote
0.3751.1250.1250.206Request a Quote
0.3751.7500.1250.300Request a Quote
0.5000.7500.0620.089Request a Quote
0.5000.7500.1250.169Request a Quote
0.5000.8750.0500.080Request a Quote
0.5000.8750.1250.187Request a Quote
0.5001.0000.0620.107Request a Quote
0.5001.0000.0940.158Request a Quote
0.5001.0000.1250.206Request a Quote
0.5001.0000.1880.295Request a Quote
0.5001.2500.0620.126Request a Quote
0.5001.2500.1250.244Request a Quote
0.5001.5000.0620.144Request a Quote
0.5001.5000.0900.200Request a Quote
0.5001.5000.1250.281Request a Quote
0.5001.7500.1250.319Request a Quote
0.5002.0000.1250.355Request a Quote
0.5002.5000.1250.431Request a Quote
0.5003.0000.1250.506Request a Quote
0.6250.7500.1250.187Request a Quote
0.6250.8750.0620.107Request a Quote
0.6251.0000.0620.116Request a Quote
0.6252.0000.0510.157Request a Quote
0.6252.0000.1250.375Request a Quote
0.6563.0000.0940.418Request a Quote
0.6882.0000.0900.348Request a Quote
0.7500.8750.0620.116Request a Quote
0.7500.8750.1250.225Request a Quote
0.7500.8750.1560.275Request a Quote
0.7501.0000.0620.126Request a Quote
0.7501.0000.1250.244Request a Quote
0.7501.0000.1880.353Request a Quote
0.7501.0000.2500.450Request a Quote
0.7501.2500.0630.147Request a Quote
0.7501.2500.0930.212Request a Quote
0.7501.2500.1250.281Request a Quote
0.7501.5000.0500.132Request a Quote
0.7501.5000.0800.208Request a Quote
0.7501.5000.1250.319Request a Quote
0.7501.5000.1880.466Request a Quote
0.7501.6250.1250.337Request a Quote
0.7501.7500.1250.356Request a Quote
0.7502.0000.1250.394Request a Quote
0.7502.2500.1250.431Request a Quote
0.8121.250.1250.294Request a Quote
0.8751.3750.1090.280Request a Quote
0.8752.0000.0500.169Request a Quote
1.0001.0300.0930.206Request a Quote
1.0001.1250.1250.300Request a Quote
1.0001.2500.0620.163Request a Quote
1.0001.2500.1250.319Request a Quote
1.0001.5000.0620.186Request a Quote
1.0001.5000.0930.269Request a Quote
1.0001.5000.1250.356Request a Quote
1.0001.5000.1870.518Request a Quote
1.0001.5000.2500.674Request a Quote
1.0001.7500.1250.394Request a Quote
1.0001.7500.1880.575Request a Quote
1.0002.0000.0620.218Request a Quote
1.0002.0000.0930.324Request a Quote
1.0002.0000.1250.431Request a Quote
1.0002.0000.1880.635Request a Quote
1.0002.0000.1880.635Request a Quote
1.0002.0000.2500.900Request a Quote
1.0002.2500.1250.469Request a Quote
1.0002.5000.1250.506Request a Quote
1.0002.5000.2500.976Request a Quote
1.0003.0000.0620.293Request a Quote
1.0003.0000.1250.581Request a Quote
1.0003.0000.2501.124Request a Quote
1.0003.1250.1250.600Request a Quote
1.0004.0000.0620.367Request a Quote
1.0004.0000.2501.426Request a Quote
1.0006.0000.1251.031Request a Quote
1.1251.7500.1880.606Request a Quote
1.2501.5000.1250.394Request a Quote
1.2501.7500.1250.431Request a Quote
1.2501.7500.1880.635Request a Quote
1.2501.7500.2500.825Request a Quote
1.2502.0000.0620.236Request a Quote
1.2502.0000.1250.469Request a Quote
1.2502.0000.2500.900Request a Quote
1.2502.5000.2501.050Request a Quote
1.2503.5000.0620.347Request a Quote
1.2503.5000.1250.694Request a Quote
1.3752.2500.1250.526Request a Quote
1.5001.7500.1250.469Request a Quote
1.5002.0000.1090.444Request a Quote
1.5002.0000.1250.560Request a Quote
1.5002.0000.1880.747Request a Quote
1.5002.0000.2500.974Request a Quote
1.5002.2500.0620.274Request a Quote
1.5002.5000.0620.293Request a Quote
1.5002.5000.1250.581Request a Quote
1.5002.5000.1880.856Request a Quote
1.5003.0000.0800.424Request a Quote
1.5003.0000.2501.276Request a Quote
1.5003.5000.1881.086Request a Quote
1.5004.0000.2501.575Request a Quote
1.7502.0000.2501.050Request a Quote
1.7503.0000.2501.350Request a Quote
1.7503.5000.0800.496Request a Quote
2.0002.2500.0620.314Request a Quote
2.0002.5000.1250.656Request a Quote
2.0002.5000.1870.967Request a Quote
2.0002.5000.2501.274Request a Quote
2.0003.0000.1250.731Request a Quote
2.0003.0000.1881.074Request a Quote
2.0003.0000.2501.424Request a Quote
2.0003.0000.3752.081Request a Quote
2.0003.3750.0800.509Request a Quote
2.0003.5000.1250.806Request a Quote
2.0003.5000.1881.199Request a Quote
2.0004.0000.1250.881Request a Quote
2.0004.0000.1881.312Request a Quote
2.0004.5000.1250.956Request a Quote
2.0005.0000.1251.031Request a Quote
2.2505.2500.1251.106Request a Quote
2.5003.0000.2501.574Request a Quote
2.5003.5000.1250.881Request a Quote
2.5003.5000.2501.726Request a Quote
3.0002.0000.0620.367Request a Quote
3.0002.2500.1250.767Request a Quote
3.0003.5000.1250.956Request a Quote
3.0003.5000.2501.879Request a Quote
3.0004.0000.1251.031Request a Quote
3.0004.0000.2502.026Request a Quote
3.0004.0000.3752.981Request a Quote
3.0005.0000.1251.181Request a Quote
3.0005.0000.3753.328Request a Quote
3.0006.0000.2502.625Request a Quote